The Truly Jewish Parent

This comic was long in the making.  I first thought of it, or something like it, while taking Rabbi Lisa Rubin's six-month-long Exploring Judaism class at New York's Central Synagogue.  It's an overview of a few thousand years of religion and history, and I guess it stirred my creative pot.  The class is softly aimed at people looking to convert to Reform Judaism, but as far as I'm concerned it's a history lesson that'd be approachable to anyone interested in Judaism, for whatever reason.

This entire comic—lines to colors to lettering—was finger-painted on an iPad Mini2 using Adobe Draw.  The reason for using this technique was simple:  I don't know what I'm doing.  So this sort of broke my hand and now I'm investigating more normal techniques for creating comics and illustrating digitally.

The point of which escapes me.  I hope you enjoy the comic.  

Short, Illustrated Love Stories

(This is basically a duplicate post of what's over on in the News section. Sorry.)

The fine folks at The Rumpus were good enough to publish a few of my comics.  The comics are a set of three, collectively titled ‘Short, Illustrated Love Stories’.  I hope you read them, and enjoy them.

And if you do enjoy them (and even if you do not), please consider donating a bit to The Rumpus.  Small arts organizations are mostly labors of love for the folks who run them, and they don't expect to be paid.  That said, money never hurts them!  None of this will go to me.  It's all for them.  You can donate here.

In prepping to publicize this comic to my vast following of tens of people, I played around with different thumbnail images for the comics.  I ended up with the ones visible above, but below are a few alternate ideas.

Political Cartoons (Attempted)

The comics above were written a couple of weeks ago, in response to Donald Trump's frothy insistence the media was crooked and showing him in a bad light, and that only this was the reason he was doing bad in the polls.

It was going to be a trilogy, and I had a third cartoon lined up, but then two things happened:

  1. I got tired of thinking and looking at that man.
  2. Actually no, just the one thing happened.  I didn't want to draw him (or some semi-acceptable facsimile likeness of him) again.

I don't know whether to envy professional political cartoonists right now.