Circumnavigating Manhattan on Foot
Travelogue with Illustrations, 2016

A 32-mile walk round the circumference of Manhattan Island.  You should do it! 

(But you probably won't, so read about it instead.)


10 Days of Silence and Meditation in Rural Quebec
Nonfiction, 2015

At worst this  practice is unobjectionable.  At best, it’s the key to happy living.  If the truth falls anywhere in between those two poles, that’s pretty decent.


The Story of Anxious Owl (as Told with the Assistance of Expressive Penguins) 
Illustrated Nonfiction, 2014

A few days ago, I drew...


Hmm. No. That's not really the right way to begin...

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Second Day 
Fiction-ish, 2002

Taken out of context, and ignoring two details, the scene is not unusual: I am walking down 1st Avenue with my friend Nilay.  We are planning on Chinese takeout.  It’s a Tuesday evening, the sky is clear, even beautiful.  People are out on the streets.  We discuss the day gone by.  ¶  Ignored detail number one: I wear no shoes, the first and hopefully last time I will ever walk barefoot around Manhattan. 

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there'll be more here soon. soonish. maybe not so soon. in any case, sooner or later.