How to be Unreasonable

This comic takes its inspiration from Plato who, in his Allegory of the Cave, famously posited that if a man lived in a cave all his life and was brought only desserts for his meals, he would have very peculiar ideas about nutrition.

None of which is true, but this comic does have a backstory:

I drafted it the other day while having dinner at Veselka, a Ukrainian restaurant and a 24/7 institution in New York City's East Village.  You'll find a glass case full of eye-catching desserts near Veselka's front door, and I tried to draw some of them in the comic: there's the carrot cake (far left), and the chocolate-drizzled rugelach (far right), and the banana-cream pie (in the foreground and near the middle, though the real-life version has, somewhat unbelievably, more cream on top than I drew).  There's more but this paragraph is getting long.

Tempting as the desserts look, I have to admit I don't go to Veselka for them, I go for the borscht.  Veselka's borscht is tied for my favorite in New York, and there are days I wouldn't mind ordering it as an appetizer, then as a main, and then also as a dessert.  And I know that might seem like an unreasonable thing to do, but, I think you now know my feelings about being unreasonable.