New Writing! Doll Love.

'Doll Love', a short story of mine, is out now in the new issue of Jabberwock Review, a lovely literary journal from Mississippi!

Becky Hagenston, the journal’s editor, says this story is 'strange, sweet, and utterly hilarious'—she is obviously a woman of exquisite taste (and talent: she just won an O’Henry Prize for a story of her own.)

While you can in theory purchase this journal in a physical book store, I would be gobsmacked to learn of anyone actually managing to find it on a shelf.  You can order the issue, though, from the Review itself, for a mere $8—you'll want to specify Volume 36.1, Summer 2015.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that I alone was not responsible for this story.  In conversation years ago, my dear old friend Hyunmi and I, together, non-sequitured our way to the story's premise.  Hyunmi is an Ivy-League-educated PhD and mother of two, and while I won't share the premise here, I should probably warn you that it involves characters having sexual intercourse with inanimate objects.