Hey there.  I’m Daniel, and this (thedanielbrauer.com) is my new website.  It's pretty small and easy to scan, but let me write you a tour anyway:

In the Writing section, you'll find a brand-new illustrated essay about creativity and owls and penguins, written last month, and also an old story I've always been fond of, written back in 2002.  There's a gallery page with other new comics and drawings, a list of my publications, and finally, in the About page, there's an in-depth exploration of my history and psyche.  By which I mean the opposite and, also, a picture of me and a tree.  Wherever you click, I hope you enjoy it, and that you tell me if you do.  (Tell me if you don't, also, but, y'know, take it easy.)

To be continued, till next time, yours truly. Etc.

ps. There's also a scrapbook of sorts about mindful meditation, a rolling progress report I'm keeping about mindfulness as I learn about it.  It's not got much to do with the rest of the site, so it's not linked to up in the navigation bar, but, if you go in for this sort of thing, it's here.