New writing! Short, Moderately Sad Love Stories.

Three short-shorts of mine were just published by the fine folks over at Catch & Release, the online arm of Columbia University’s Columbia Journal.  The pieces together are titled “Short, Moderately Sad Love Stories”, and you’ll find them here.

Someday I hope to record one of these shorts as a song, and expand another and turn it into a cartoon.  For now they’re just text, and I hope you like them.  Whatever you think, let me know—leave a comment, tweet me, email me, send me a raven.  Whatever works.

One more thing: if you click over to the Publications page, you might notice that, a few years back, Keyhole Press’s online magazine published a piece of mine with a similar title to this new one, “Short, Improbable Love Stories”.  The new piece is a sequel of sorts, and if you like one you’ll probably like the other.  The older piece is here.  It made people cry.  (In a good way, or so I was told.)