Shy Badger and the Two Haiku

How did I get here?
Badger asks, what have I done?
Same as it e’er was.
— Daniel B.
Shy little badger
Sitting by himself, alone.
A Japanese print!
— Rosa L.

A new Thoughtful Forest Creature is up, and this one comes with haiku!

Could there be the makings of a forest band here, do you think?  Shy Badger and the Two Haiku?  (Maybe Badger is very shy in real life, but get him on stage and suddenly he's some kind of furry Ziggy Stardust, with rainbow lightning painted on his monochrome face??  Maybe.  Maybe.)

But listen, the more haiku, the merrier, and surely you can do better than I did above, so if you've got a little poem of your own, add it as a comment.  Maybe it'll crack through Shy Badger's shell.