Anxious Owl

After drawing Pensive Bear the other week, I thought he might want a friend, so I drew this owl.  He was originally going to be Pensive Owl, but my drawing skills are not what you'd call "precise", so he ended up more Anxious than Pensive.  Thus was he dubbed Anxious Owl. 

If you want an in-depth look into how this owl was drawn, check out The Story of Anxious Owl.  It's an illustrated craft essay about creativity and writing and drawing.  And also penguins.  Lots and lots of penguins.  

I think I'm going to keep drawing these creatures, which means I might just have inaugurated a series... I'll call it, Thoughtful Forest Creatures.  I'll post them as they're drawn, here in the news feed, but you can find them all in the gallery, too.